Lian li pc o11 xl

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Lian li pc o11 xl

The placement of these inlets and outlets are perfectly aligned to fit inline with the PC components in order to minimize the number of bends the user has to make in order to create the loop. This water distribution plate comes with a market-proven, PWM controlled 3. So, if a user wants en even stronger pump, 3. The installation video to help builders is already available making the entire installation process a breeze:.

It all started with the enthusiasm of one man and his ventures with liquid cooling back in The company steadily grew to become the most renowned supplier of high-end premium quality liquid cooling products. Over the years, the company expanded its product portfolio to become a full liquid cooling solution provider known as EK. To keep track of the latest promotions and product launches, follow EK on Facebook or Instagram.

Read more. Join the EKWB forum, talk to our team, share your thoughts and connect with the liquid cooling community. You are also invited to read EKWB blog posts created by our team on interesting and educational liquid cooling topics. English Slovenian. Share on social: Facebook Twitter. Latest news. Back to all news. Join EKWB forum. You can pay with:.

Thank you! EKWB employees would like to Thank you for considering our products and webshop as your provider of PC cooling solutions. Do know that we strive for Perfection in every aspect — from the product to the service, so in case you are not satisfied with anything at all, let us know! Likewise if you need help. Thank you. This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

You can any time opt out of use of cookies. To learn more about our Cookie Policy and how to manage cookies, click here.Lian Li Industrial Co. With over twenty years of experience in the computer products field, our dedicated team of engineers, production specialists and administrative staff provide the finest quality accessories available on the market. The PC-O11 preserves the many benefits of a dual-chambered case: it keeps your top-of-the-line build clean, unfettered, and in the spotlight.

The PC-O11 also includes a removable bracket to prominently mount three mm fans or an additional mm radiator behind the front glass panel.

lian li pc o11 xl

You could mount as many as two thick mm radiators and a single mm radiator without needing to mod the case! The PC-O11 also includes a removable plate for mounting most water cooling pumps and reservoirs.

Its main glass chamber accommodates CPU coolers up to mm in height. You can also opt to mount 2. The kit replaces the standard expansion slot covers. Showcase your top-end graphics cards with a unique orientation!

Clean and Dust-free The top and bottom panels include removable mesh dust filters covering the primary fan mounts. The drive cages and PSU mount include rubber vibration dampeners to minimize idle noise. About Us. Find The Info You Need. Follow Us. The New King of Tempered Glass. The PC-O11 claims the throne of our renowned line of aluminum and tempered-glass enclosures. Download Manual.The O11 Dynamic was a case we liked enough to keep around for housing one of our work PCs.

The layout is nonstandard, from the side intake vents to the placement of the PSU and storage, but it works. The O11 Air variant impressed us somewhat less, but improved substantially when the dust filtration was removed. Now, inLian Li is introducing the O11 XLa larger version of the original case, still bearing the Der8auer badge for his initial work on the O11 Dynamic. Like the Dynamic, this case is meant to be used for water cooling builds, but our standardized test bench is used for air testing.

Fractal and Lian Li are some of the first companies to really take advantage of not including space for 5. The side panels and front panel all lift upwards and are held in place by the top panel, which must be taken off first.

The original O11 was limited to mm fans everywhere except the top, which could optionally fit two mm fans. The XL adds support for a further two optional mm fans on the bottom tray--the cutouts are still clearly sized for mm fans, however.

The side mounts and new rear mount only support mm. The side vent can fit three mm fans with some room to spare, and blanking plates are included for this gap or for any unused fan mounts, turning them into SSD mounting points. These plates are held in with toolless plastic snaps.

The plastic snaps on the blanking plates and the bottom fan tray are replaceable and several extras are included in the parts kit. That, and we already have no reason to think ROG case certification is a compliment anyway.

O11D Distro-Plate G1 ‘ The Result of Perfect Collaboration With Lian Li

The HDD sleds are solid metal with big to grab handles. After years of putting together our case test system and then having to take it apart again because a SATA power cable slipped off, this is one premium case gimmick we can get behind. From a review standpoint, though, it makes our job a little harder. We also ran tests with four of the mm Bora fans that Lian Li sent us along with the original O11, first with just three side intake and then with the fourth added as rear exhaust.

This chart shows the various O11 cases, like the Air and Dynamic. The test with three mm fans, all side intake, resulted in a better temperature of The fourth fan in the rear exhaust mount lowered dT further to The O11 Air without any filter, using the stock fans that came with it, performed best on this chart. Adding three extra fans to the O11 Air but keeping the filter was still worse than stock without the filter.

The original O11 Dynamic was tested with Bora fans only, resulting in a These results are satisfyingly close and show minimal change, if any at all. The three-fan test is more comparable to our old O11 results since they utilized the same type of fans, and The XL has an advantage over the original O11 in that it has a mount for a rear exhaust fan, hence four fans this time rather than three.

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The O11 XL gets representation through most of the chart. GPU torture thermals are next. GPU dT in the torture testing averaged The O11 Dynamic with three side fans ran at Comparatively, the baseline dT of The fact that the three-fan and four-fan configurations perform the same or even very slightly better for the four fans is a credit to Lian Li.

GPU accelerating the render resulted in a The GPU dT was slightly higher in the Firestrike Extreme stress test than it was in the torture test, as usual, averaging There was no point in doing a test with no front panel in the O11 XL because the front panel has no fans mounted behind it. This likewise made our standardized fan test tricky, since we usually do two mm front intake fans and one mm rear exhaust.

We therefore decided to stick the mm intake fans on the bottom of the case and treat that as our baseline stock test as well as our standardized fan test. So: reexamining the We also spent 20 minutes explaining why this particular chart is flawed and needs to be used carefully, all done in a previous video.Lian Li is not a name unfamiliar to anyone who has been around the PC scene for a relatively decent amount of time.

That being said, they sort of fell from grace several years ago when trying to attract the lower-cost PC market from the chassis side. Lian Li has been known for at least for the most part in making stylish aluminum chassis with most being very minimalist.

Today we get yet another glimpse at the new Lian Li where they are back and with fervor from the industry that harkens back to the old days. Now mind you, many of Lian Lis cases are no longer subdued and minimalist. For the most part, that is not what a large part of the consumer market is asking for or purchasing. Also massive high airflow showpiece cases such as the PC Dynamic. On that note, it is worth mentioning what case we are looking at today which took the existing PC Dynamic and made it even better.

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Or at least that is what Lian Li is hoping. The PC Dynamic XL is the chassis we have today, and it's a behemoth both in size but in overall fitment and feature set. The PC Dynamic XL increased the airflow capabilities, along with having an insane amount of liquid cooling capabilities to ensure even the most extreme builds can be serviced in this chassis.

I know that was a mouthful, but with a chassis like this, there is a lot to consider and even more to take note as this thing is a downright beast. It comes in at a relatively compact mm high and mm deep while having a quite expansive mm width. The reason I said relatively compact is that in terms of fitment and capability, this chassis could easily be much larger. But Lian Li pulled off such a feat by making the chassis wider and relocating the PSU to a back chamber behind the motherboard tray area.

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If not using any 3. As mentioned previously the PSU is relocated to the rear of the main chamber. No shroud necessary as everything will be hidden except your main components and of course, cooling.

Lian Li PC011 Dynamic XL Full-Tower Chassis Review

Cooling fitment is where the PCD XL comes to life as you can fit up to ten mm fans and triple mm radiators in those same places with the rear port supporting mm fitment. The vertical tray parallel to the motherboard as configured out of the box has SSD mounts in place. But when removed this is where one of the radiators can be mounted along with top and bottom mounting perpendicular to the motherboard to reach your total of triple mm radiators.

Ensuring you have more than enough liquid cooling to support an insane showcase rig or even a heavy lifting platform such as the Dominus Extreme. If you chose to go air cooling the maximum height is mm, so you should be fine there and mm GPU length, so, yea, I would say you can virtually fit anything in here.

The PCD XL does not come with any fans installed, and therefore you need to source your cooling options based on your brand and style preference. These all are quite capable chassis with plenty of high airflow capabilities and some substantial liquid cooling support. With that being said, I would say it's about time we take a dive into the PCD XL and what it has to offer that makes it worth your hard-earned dollar. The main side of the packaging has an opaque view of the chassis with a negative effect so that the details are bare box color.

The chassis looks almost like a solid black tower with a ROG logo on the side. You can make out the mass connectivity on the front, but everything else except the Lian Li logo and product naming is there. Lian Li is proud of their ROG certification as it is not only on the box but on the chassis.

Same with their co-working with famous enthusiast and professional overclocker Roman Der Bauer Hartung. The latter being a good point for Lian Li to highlight as Roman worked with them on the original predecessor to this chassis the PC Dynamic.

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As you can now see, there is a lot of room in the PCD XL, and that lends credence to the "built for enthusiasts" claim on the box.Make informed decisions with expert advice. Learn More. Cons: Max CPU cooler height is specified at mm but my mm cooler doesn't fit. It's about 5mm to big. I measured the cooler and it is right at mm. If the cooler was mm I'm pretty sure it would fit but would be pressed tight against the glass.

Overall Review: I hope this review helps someone out. EDIT: I was able to get it to fit by laying the case on it's back and then putting the glass side on. It's pressing against the glass and I definitely will take the it off if I need to move the computer for some reason. At least I know I got all the air cooling that will possibly fit in this case :. Pros: I love all cable management options this case gives you and being able to put the PSU in the back of the case is really sweet.

The dust filters are easily removable. The tempered glass is beautiful. Everything about this case is phenomenal and it was a lot of fun to complete my new rig with this case. This is my first Lian Li case. Everything fits like a glove and I love my new rig. I had watched videos of builds in the O11D but it seemed a little cramped in some areas.

From what I saw on various sites, I had a feeling this would be the ultimate case. When I finally got it a couple of days ago, I was blown away, both by the beauty and sensible engineering that went into the XL.

The brushed aluminum finish is absolutely gorgeous.

lian li pc o11 xl

It looks so much more classy than the standard paint or powder coat. Disassembly of the top and side panels is easy and completely toolless and has no fasteners visible except for on the back where most people will never see on a regular basis. The hot-swap bays are also a nice addition but are removable with four Phillips screws if you want more room to put something like fan hubs.

Cable management is a dream with all the room on either side of the motherboard tray and all the grommets and routing holes and the cable management bar which can also house three SSD's. I'm going to get a pair of degree adapters to make it look a little cleaner. All-in-all, this is my dream case.

Aside from the ROG logo, I feel that it's absolutely perfect in every way.

Lian Li O11D XL-X PC-O11 Dynamic XL Tempered Glass E-ATX Case - Black

It feels almost like a super tower while building in it, but dimensionally, it's really not huge. It is, however, beautiful and a great way to show off all of your expensive parts while also keeping them at low temps.

Pros: Better spacing, water cooling options are plenty, worth it to upgrade from the original if using lots of radiators or E ATX board.Lian Li Industrial Co. With over twenty years of experience in the computer products field, our dedicated team of engineers, production specialists and administrative staff provide the finest quality accessories available on the market.

About Us. Find The Info You Need. Follow Us. O11 AIR is crafted to test the limit of airflow.

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It is the Modern representation of functional workstation. With dual chamber and the multiple fans set up, O11 AIR is capable to unleash the full potential of cooling, crafted to test the limit of airflow.

Unleash the Airflow Potential. The ultimate platform for your cooling. Patented Designed Glass Mounting Mechanism. The two bolt on the steel pieces adhering on the glass secure the panel with ease. The Potential of Mounting Multiple Rads.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL Case Review: Build Quality, Thermals, \u0026 Changes

Dual PSU Capability for efficiency. The drive caddy can be swapped for second PSUs or can be switched to the lower position. Compartmentalized Direct Intake.

Differentiating from the O11 Dynamic, the O11 AIR has different front intake to push to the limit of cooling even higher. Double Layer Cable Management Design.

The angled motherboard tray and the back side cable management bar conceal the and exclude any cable mess. Germany Engineering Approved.

lian li pc o11 xl

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lian li pc o11 xl

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